1. To begin, your therapist cleanses and preps your face with a potent compound to maximise penetration of peeling agent.
2. Then the Watt Peel you have selected is applied using a brush and left to process.
3. A neutraliser is then applied which returns the skin to its natural PH.
With this fast and painless treatment, your skin’s inner radiance shines through.
4. A moisturising barrier is applied.
5. Aftercare/make up can be applied 24 hours after your treatment.


Is the treatment painful?
Some people experience a hot tingling sensation during the procedure but no it is not painful.

When will I see results?
The rejuvenating effects are immediately visible after your first treatment. If you have a course of Watt peels, results will improve even more over time.

Are Watt peels right for everyone?
Most women and men will experience great benefits from Watt peels. We can talk through this during your first appointment. Peels are ideal if you’d like to target sun damage, fine lines, shallow acne scars, dry or rough skin, dull skin tone, uneven pigmentation, acne or enlarged pores. You will be have been advised which Watt Peel is correct for your skin concerns.

How long does the treatment take?
This varies on the peel you’re having but expect to be with us for around 30 minutes.

Do I need to have more than one chemical peel?
You’ll certainly see results from a one-off peel, but a course of treatments will deliver longer-lasting, sustainable outcomes.

Is there any downtime and when can I reapply my makeup?
Watt Peels accelerate skin renewal by lifting dull epidermal layers without inflammation and prolonged downtime. You can reapply your makeup 24 hours after your treatment.

How frequent can I have a peel?
To start with you should have 1 weekly for 4 weeks, then 1 treatment every 2 weeks for 4 weeks, then for maintenance 1 every 12 weeks.

More general information on Watt Peels

Skin peels harness the power of naturally occurring acids and active ingredients to exfoliate and brighten the skin, the depth of exfoliation depending on the level of peel chosen. Our peels stimulates new cell growth and collagen production, helping to reveal fresher, clearer, brighter skin.
These peels can be applied to the Face, Neck, Chest (décolletage) back of Hands. They are applied safely by our trained therapist.
At Watt, we offer a variety of industry leading Skin Peels that involve applying a non-toxic chemical solution to the skin that removes the top layer of dead skin cells and encourages new ones to grow, revealing the softer, smoother skin beneath.

What results should I expect from a Skin Peel

1. Removal of dead skin cells evening texture and tone
2. Brighter skin
3. Smoother, softer hydrated skin
4. Revival of dull skin
5. Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
6. Reduces pigmentation and effects of sun damage with increased collagen production for a youthful appearance
7. Reduction of inflammation and breakouts caused by acne

To achieve maximum results our Watt Therapist can recommend a course of skin peels depending on your skin type, conditions and concerns.

Post Treatment Recommendations

1. Rinse skin gently (with cool water only) and pay dry – do not rub
2. DO NOT PICK OR PULL THE SKIN, as scarring can result
3. Avoid harsh cleaners or wash clothes
4. Patients with hypersensitivity to the sun should take extra precautions to guard against exposure immediately following the procedures as there may be more sensitivity following the treatment
5. Do not have any other facial treatment for at least a week after your feel

Daily skincare routine:

1. When washing your face, use a gentle, non soap cleaners
2. Cease the use of exfoliating scrubs for at least one week after your peel
3. Apply moisturiser a minimum of twice per day but as often as needed to relieve dryness and tightness
4. Use an SPF daily and avoid direct sunlight for at least one week